Connecticut Law Tribune

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The Connecticut Law Tribune was my first major re-design project while working for ALM Media.  Up until then I’d played support roles on big projects like The New York Law Journal, Law Technology News, and  On the Connecticut site however I was the lead front-end developer, and I’m pretty proud of how it all came out.  This project launched in June of 2012. Continue reading

Petersen Precision

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Petersen Precision is a machine shop that produces large volumes of precision metal parts.  They were in need of a new website, and I was happy to build one for them.  Their website needed to succinctly describe and illustrate what Petersen Precision can do, while at the same time offer users the ability to drill down into extensive specifications and equipment details. Continue reading


Visit Site » is a website dedicated to educating, equipping, and inspiring modern urban homesteaders.  It’s the brainchild of my beautiful wife Nicole Easterday, who runs this site on the side in her spare time.  From my perspective, has been a wonderful opportunity and learning experience.  It’s the first e-commerce site I’ve built, and has presented some fun design challenges as well.

The version mentioned here has been live since the fall of 2010, and is currently going through a redesign.  We hope to have the new site launched by the end of the year!
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Word Camp SF 2011 Takeaways

This year I finally got to attend my first Word Camp, and right here in my backyard: San Francisco!  It was great to get out and mingle with so many people that are as enthusiastic about this CMS as I am.  I think one of the most interesting questions I heard asked today was one asked to the Core Developer team, that went something like this: “Why is it that you’re so committed to developing for WordPress, and not one of the other various platforms out there?”  Continue reading

How to Create, Read, and Update a Cookie using JavaScript

While working on the redesign of the New York Law Journal, I was tasked with creating a pop-up message that was supposed to appear based on some logic that the business folks had.  Basically, the message was supposed to appear once per week, but no more than a total of 8 times, and then should never appear again.  In order to make this happen, I employed a few http cookies by way of JavaScript. Continue reading

Issues with Git Path (git command not found)

I recently had to replace the hard drive on my MacBook, and the backup/restore process from my Time Machine went flawlessly.  Except for one thing: the first time I went to work on one of my projects, I received a “git: command not found” message when running “git status” in my project directory.  Git was installed, so I knew there had to be some configuration issue. After a little searching, it seemed like my path was incorrect. Continue reading

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